What happened to Nauti Dogs? Watch this exclusive, action-packed video where Bobby gets rescued by the coast guard after his previous boat has a transmission fire in the middle of the night

Sail With Us in the Bahamas!
Sail With Us in the Bahamas!

Join our flotilla as we set sail for gorgeous waters and plenty of island livin’. October 21-28, 2023.

Sailing Doodles Academy
Sailing Doodles Academy

All the sailing courses, rolled into 1 low-cost monthly membership. Learn at your own pace and feel knowledgeable in no time, and get community support and direct questions for Bobby.

Zero To Hero: Sailing School
Zero To Hero: Sailing School

Over 5 hours of informative instructions, plus a credit toward your in-person sailing school enrollment. Bobby covers both crew and skipper essentials in this course – so you can feel confident and competent on a boat!


Hey! We’re Sailing Doodles!

We are currently on Season 8 of Sailing Doodles. We started this season on Nauti Dogs but we are now on a 1997 Hatteras 60 Motoryacht. New places, new crew! Come watch and join the adventure with us!

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