Frequently Asked Questions


Tell me about the boat.

It is a 1996 Beneteau 51. It has 4 cabins and 4 heads. Its a very roomy, comfortable and fast boat.

Where do the dogs do their business?

We take them ashore 3-4 times a day. Either to the beach or via a dock but they get plenty of excercise. Occaisionally when making a longer passage we place a mat on the bow and the dogs will go there.

Where have you been?

We started from Houston Texas, sailied nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Keys, Miami, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

What Happened to the Ruff Seas?

The Ruff Seas was our first boat, a 1984 C&C 37. It was substantially damaged in hurricane Maria and would have cost almost as much to repair as it was worth so we gave it away.

What's in the Future?

We are sailing down the west coast of the USA into Mexico and will sail the Sea of Cortez until March and then we we start sailing across the Pacific Ocean and eventually to Thailand. From Thailand we plan to pick a new boat and continue sailing around the world!

Where are your favorite places?

Exuma Bahamas for the sailing culture and beautiful water. BVI for the parties and water temperature.

How do You excercise?

Swimming, Cycling and adventuring! We also have resistance bands.

How did you start this adventure?

Bobby had a Stroke and lost his FAA Medical Certificate to fly. He tried selling real estate for a while but hated it so he sold everything he owned, bought the boat and the rest is history.